Saturday, April 30, 2016

How our family saves $10,000 a year!

Here are a few ways our family saves about $10,000 a year!

1. We eat breakfast from home.

It is so enticing to hit up the drive through for breakfast because there is just no time. But we began making breakfast at home.

Every Sunday Shelly makes a breakfast frittata. It’s basically eggs, diced potatoes and onions. It costs less than $1.50 per day to make a nutritious breakfast at home! Saving us $14 a week or $700 a year. 

2. We pack a lunch.

I take leftovers for lunch. Every once in a while, I will have to buy lunch. But the rest of the time I take leftovers from home-cooked meals.

This saves us about $50 a week (or more!) or $2,500 a year. And we are wasting less food.

3. Eliminate credit cards.

Did you know the typical credit card user embraces about $15,000 in debt? If their interest rate is 14 % that is $2,100 in interest annually. (Source)

4. We negotiate our bills.

We simply called our provider and asked, very politely, if they would lower our bill because we are loyal customers. You can negotiate just about anything, credit cards fees, car insurance, and your cellphone bill. In total we saved about $40 a month or $480 a year!

5. We started driving fewer places.

We are now saving about $45 a week by reducing one tank of gas a week purely by choosing to drive to fewer places.

That means we stay home more, but we find lots of ways to entertain ourselves and save about $2,340 a year.

6. We started buying our meat in bulk.

We were able to get boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.89/lb. per pound from Zaycon and 92% lean ground beef for $3.99 a pound. I am not sure on the actual math on what this will save us. But here is a rough analysis of some expenditure.
  • Chicken: 40 lb case for $1.79/lb. Grocery prices: $3.39/lb
  • Ground Beef 93/7: 40 lb cases for $3.79/lb. Grocery prices: $4.29/lb
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon: 2, 15 lb cases for $2.99/lb. Grocery prices: $4.81/lb
  • Salmon Filets: 25 lb cases for $7.99/lb. Grocery prices: $8.99/lb
  • Cod Filets: 20 lb case for $5.29/lb. Grocery prices: $6.99/lb

7. We cut out our cable plan.

Instead, we use Netflix and Amazon prime, factoring out the cost of those two items per month that is saving us $59 a month or $708 annually.

8. We cut the club.

We ditched Costco, which was $55 annually and instead use Amazon to order bulk items like toilet paper and shampoo.

In total, that's over $10,000 a year! Just by making small and simple choices to eliminate the small things.

What about you? What are some ways you cut out the little expenses?